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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert and the curse of 13

Shortly after 1:30 in the afternoon of June 13, 2008, Russert collapsed at the offices of WRC-TV, which houses the Washington, D.C. bureau of NBC News where he was the Bureau Chief, while recording voiceovers for the Sunday edition of Meet the Press. The District of Columbia Fire and Rescue service received a call from NBC at 1:40 and dispatched an EMS unit which arrived at 1:44. Paramedics on scene attempted to defibrillate Russert's heart three times, but he did not respond. Russert was then transported to Sibley Memorial Hospital, arriving at 2:23, and was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later.[21]

In accordance with American journalistic tradition, the public announcement of Russert's death was withheld by both the wire services and his network's competitors.[22] After Russert's family had been notified, retired NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw delivered, live on NBC, CNBC and MSNBC, the news of his death.[23] Russert had just returned from a family vacation in Italy, where he went to celebrate his son's graduation from Boston College.[24] While his wife and son remained in Italy, Russert returned to prepare for his Sunday television show.[25]

Russert's long time friend and physician, Dr. Michael Newman, said that he had asymptomatic coronary artery disease that was controlled with medication and exercise and that he had performed well on a stress test in late April. An autopsy performed on the day of his death determined that his history of diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease led to sudden cardiac death with the immediate cause being an occlusive coronary thrombus resulting from a ruptured cholesterol plaque.[26][1] Dr. Newman stated that the autopsy showed coronary artery disease in the left anterior descending artery and a fresh blood clot was visible on one of these plaques.

I figured something was up with this event since it was FRIDAY the 13th that he died. He collapsed at 1:30 (13), died at age 58 (5+8=13), and died around 2:23 (322/23). He also went to a JESUIT university! Ok, so I figured he must be in a fraternity and with some digging I found this gem.

"A close friend of mine informed me at our daughter’s basketball a few years ago that he and Tim Russert were in the same fraternity at John Carroll.
According to Jim, Tim held an officer level position in the fraternity with one of his responsibilities being to invite speakers. Past officers had invited speakers who were either distinguished alumni or local celebrities."

So at John Carroll University there are only 4 fraternities that he could be a member of.
I am gonna take a guess and say its this one, ΚΣ (Kappa Sigma) .

No. of Total Chapters
Official Magazine The Caduceus
They also follow the four cornerstones of the Fraternity: Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.

That is the symbol, so its safe to say he is some sort of bonesman.
And here are some of the other famous members.