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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

TIN MAN, ZION, and the RABBIT HOLE part 1.

OK, let's start this from the very beginning. Tin Man was broadcast on the SciFi channel. The logo of this channel is an obvious reference to Saturn.
It's interesting to note that Nicholas Cage's film National Treasure was on SciFi before the Tin Man came on. His production company is called Saturn Films. The Series was sponsored by Verizon wireless.
I personally believe Verizon is an anagram for ZION. Wikipedia tells us this about the word "Zion came to designate the area of Jerusalem where the fortress stood, and later became a metonym for Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem". Therefore, it is safe to say that Verizon and the movie resonate with stone masons. Especially, if a movie like National Treasure is presented right before the Tin Man came on. Verizon also blatantly displays 'OZ' in the logo, so I could see why it was a perfect fit for this movie.


Zooey Deschanel ... DG

Kathleen Robertson ... Azkadellia

Alan Cumming ... Glitch

Richard Dreyfuss ... Mystic Man

Raoul Trujillo ... Raw

Neal McDonough ... Cain

Zooey Deschanel plays Dorothy, she pronounces her name "ZOH-ee" (not "zoo-ee"). It's a little odd that she has (OZ) in her name. Anyways, the Dorothy character has been renamed to just DG.
I can't help but think of the Dolce and Gabbana logo where the 'DG' is always predominate. aferrismoon has added this gem to the mix "DG in Hebrew = a Fish which brings in the DaGOn And.... if DG = a fish and OZ = a goat we get a GOATFISH , the symbol of Capricornus".
Zoey has also stared in Bridge to Terabithia, which is a movie the mimics "Imagination land" and Alice in Wonderland. Her father is Caleb Deschanel, an original member of the American Zoetrope (OZ?) production team, along with George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. He is an Academy Award-nominated cinematographer perhaps most notably for The Passion of the Christ, National Treasure, and "Bones"! She comes from a well-connected family, to say the least.

The Cain character in this series is very interesting. He is an obvious direct Besides the obvious skull and bones reference, look at the blatant Masonic poses the characters are portraying. Have you no pity for a Widow's Son?
Alan Cumming plays the scarecrow, which has been renamed to "Glitch".
You may remember him as the blue-skinned Nightcrawler from the X-men series.
He has also played Saturninus in the movie Titus.

Glitch is dressed in what I would call a Sgt. Pepper style jacket. I think this syncromystically connects him to the Beetles and specifically, Michael Jackson.
This is where it gets weird, Michael Jackson plays the Scarecrow in the WIZ!

As pointed out by others, the Lion Man is now called RAW. When his name is called our in the series it sounds like our favorite sun god "RA".
Ruler over laws and social order, the Planet Jupiter, the color Orange, represented by the metal Tin. The Tin Man in this series is a cop, so that is quite fitting. I think it is interesting that he is portrayed as an "indiana jones' character in the series. It seems that the Simpsons had picked up on this theme a few weeks before the Tin Man came out.
As I was watching the final episode, I was saying to myself, "Don't tell me there is gonna be a balloon or an airship in this series also". Then BAM, Hit me like a ton of bricks! The use of the balloon or airship syncromystically ties together Tin Man, Imagination Land, Stardust, and the Simpsons.

Let's just call this the end of part one.


In the book version the Wizard is "An Omaha, Nebraska sideshowman, ventriloquist, and magician, who came to the Land of Oz by accident in a hot air balloon".
In the TIN MAN DG's dad is named AHAMO, this is OMAHA BACKWARDS! The mall shooting happened at 10010 California St, Omaha, NE. CALIFORNIA STREET!! IS THIS AN ORANGE ALIGNMENT? If you look on the map you will notice that Omaha is almost directly south from the capital of KANSAS which is TOPEKA. But we might be wanting to go through KANSAS city, because that would hit exactly where CHENEY was on that day.
Makes a nice line to orange county where the California fires started.Mr. Bush was at an unidentified location in Omaha during the shooting.
Cheney was in ARC-KANSAS during the ritual shootings, buying AMMO!
Again, this points to KANSAS and OZ. What's also interesting is that about 10 miles away from him was the town of "England" and on the other side the town of "Holly Grove". Holly is the type of wood used in a magician's wand, and bohemian Grove is the ritual center of San Fransisco.
OMAHA (where Bush was) through KANSAS CITY, through SPRINGFIELD (where simpsons live), to Cheney in Stuttgart ARKANSAS, back to Washington DC, where they should've been that day. Makes a nice triangle, without the top part it kinda looks like the VERIZON "V".

The shooter's shirts combined look like a pyramid with and all-seeing eye in the center to me. There is also a giant 'O' in his outside jacket, signaling OZ? Thanks to ViølatoR, William Ray Thuther, soundlessdawn, and aferrismoon for their work exposing the TIN MAN paradigm. For more info on orange alignments, please refer to Goro Adachi.


soundlessdawn said...

You beat me to it! - good job haha. The Tesseract in the window blew me away.

William Ray Thuther said...

Very excited to read your work on the Tin Man. Much symbolism to pick apart for sure. If it's anything like your Imaginationland post, we're in for a treat.

I've been working on how the Tin Man plays into a bigger Masonic Oz spell we're currently in the midst of at Thuther Thought. I referenced your work on South Park (again) and will probably do the same with your Tin Man post.

Keep up the good work. Can't wait. Thuther.

William Ray Thuther said...

Zoey's father was the cinematographer of National Treasure?!?!

I never thought of the Verizon / zion connection before, but am liking it very much. It totally fits.

More please.

William Ray Thuther said...

One more thing I just thought of in regards to Zion.

There are no vowels in Hebrew. God in Kabbalah is G-D. Backwards it's D-G, or DG.



iAdmin said...

I had a feeling the DG stood as a name for God, but I am not very versed in Hebrew alphabet so I didn't put it. There is much more to come, new stuff keeps forming in my head i don't know if I can sleep tonight.

ps. I can't wait for Thuther's and Soundlessdawn's new articles and videos...

thanks everyone!

ViølatoR said...

Good find, William Ray Thuther, D-G G-D, interesting.

The sun-lion characater was named Raw, pronounced, Ra. Coincidence!? beats me.

And DG's dad is named Omaha in reverse because that's what was written on the original hot air balloon.

The Grey Gale wore the silver slippers which were in the original script.

I had thought about lots of stuff while watching the show, but I forgot it all now :( oh well.

William Ray Thuther said...

"And DG's dad is named Omaha in reverse because that's what was written on the original hot air balloon."

Can you elaborate on this, or clarify it a little? This could pull in the Omaha shooting, which I think plays into the overall Oz spell. I'd love to do more research on this aspect.



William Ray Thuther said...

I agree with all your Omaha stuff. California Street! Wow. Also, 7 people died in the mall, 2 on the way to the hospital. The numbers 7 and 9 play a role in this ritual - the council of 9 from the southpark episode, the council of 7 from Kane and Lynch.

It's amazing that they also play into the Omaha shooting.

Bush wasn't in Omaha to go to a fund raiser, or a photo op at the mall. He was there to play a role in the bloodletting part of the Oz spell.

I totally agree with what you said about the guys shirt. We now have a star in a circle, and a triangle in a circle.

They've got more in store. This will continue until the release of the Sweeney Todd movie on Dec. 25th.


ericswan said...

Spelling names backwards is like beating a drum ..or is that REDRUM?

RAW DOG or GD WAR oh well..You get my drift.

Verizon on the other hand should spell fascist from what I'm hearing in the back channels. Apparently, anyone connected to them with internet sites that criticise them have their ISP frozen.

ViølatoR said...

Wow the shooting was in Omaha?! I guess that's what I get for not watching the news, I missed the synch. Anyways the orange alignment making it into this is certainly interesting.

sun king said...

you have to be the biggest douche of all time, great work!!! you had to be channeling with me, no fair you beat me to it so i just gave up, get in touch before the weekend plz...much to say

aferrismoon said...

Holy , the Czech word, pronounced like Holly means a stick and in the Czech version of Crowleys tarot, the Wands are 'Holy'.
I thought I recognised those piercing yes from Bones, which a few weeks ago had an episode about The Widow's Son, some serial-killing sculpting bloodline.
RAW , the Lion's Roar which might be one of the reasons Ra the SunKing [ lion-maned] got the name, Strangely RO [ pron.Roar] = the word used for the 'evil' in the tree of Good and Evil, the Tree of Stability and Indeterminency. Also Robert Anton Wilson, prescient sage of Synchronicities.
Is the wizard - Richard dreyfuss, from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind?
Michael Jackson- Scarecrow link , wizard!
Ver could be corruption of Vert, French for Green. Or the cross-hair implying Vertical-Horizon

Phiwizard said...

Your post was great. I enjoyed all the symbolism I could find in the OZ too. Aferrismoon's comment about the RO (Pron. Roar) brought someething to mind. The TV series "Roar" 1997 with Heath Ledger. A Celtic Clan King whose father was killed by the immortal Longinus. Roar's people also met in Holly Groves.

FilmNoir23 said...

My understanding is that Mr. Hawkins shirt is a Jack Daniels Old #7 variety.

The Omaha/Oz connection is startling to say the VERY least. Very good work on this.

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