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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Michael Jackson still alive? (video)

This could be a hoax, but it looks to be the same corner van. Many people stand to gain millions from his death, so it is definitely possible. There have been other possible death hoaxes, Machiavelli/Tupac. His casket was also closed at the funeral, what do you think?


Terry said...


Medusae said...

Well, thanks for posting this, but to me it looks a bit staged. But who knows, eh? Would be a good way to escape it all - it's been a seeming insanity circus for the past decade at least.

You have a great blog! Great observations. :D

Jim said...

I saw the video the other day, and pretty much dismissed it. But it's intriguing to see that it IS the same van, plates and all. But it would be very odd for his death to be faked considering that now it's turned into a homicide case. You'd think he would want it to play out as quietly and uncontroversial as possible. What a strange world.

Jim said...

There are a few inconsistencies between the two vans. First, notice how in the left photo, there is some kind of bumper sticker below the license plate. Also, look at the letter "R" in "coroner". It's very different from the one in the video. The "R" on the left looks like it's in a different font. The bottom of the letter is shorter and more rounded. Lastly, notice the blue arrow on the door. In the left photo it is narrower and there is more space between it and the letter "R" compared to the video capture.

aferrismoon said...

Which MJ did they put in the van. One of the benefits of a changing image , I guess, as well as an isolated lifestyle.


Perhaps MJ died in '79


RYAN (7 Cauac) said...

I agree with Jim. I noticed the R is much different. Look at the mid-points of the R compared to the middle of the E on both of the images. Much different; not camera distortion.

The license plate is a different proportion with the numbers/letters placed lower in the "live leak" plate.

Would be cool if it was real. Maybe it is, but looks fake after considering these facts.

Also note that there seems to be a difference between the door shapes. The door in the 'copter image has a bulge near the bottom. Kind of an outward round. You can see this against the back of the guy holding the front of the body. Now compare this to the other image from live leak video. The door is much flatter at the bottom.

mblessing said...

are you really that stupid...I could put a bag over my head and be god then huh?

tommy said...

mblessing - I award you no points