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Monday, March 2, 2009

Nicolas Cage's syncromystic film: The knowing.

Watch a higher resolution trailer here
The trailer opens with these pyramid hand sigils, followed by these illuminating production companies.
It doesn't get much more obvious than this.
Keep in mind that cage's production company is SATURN FILMS.
Saturn syncromystically aligning with Cage's Heart/galactic center.
William Dawes elementary school, he was one of the "sons of liberty".
The white-gloved masonic time capsule ritual. 3 pillars, or first 3 steps of masonic tracing board exposed. The Blue shirts, and ribbon, representing the blue lodge. The school has the north star in the logo, along with another cluster of 3 stars.
The 8 point star of the time capsule, surrounded by 3 rings.
Only D(el) laptops are used in this classroom.
Saturn is shown in the center of the classroom.
2 red stars, 7 balloons in the background.
The "6" train hits the "Lafayette" pillar.

Cross-quarter solar window.
Plymouth air crashes during a rainstorm.
The ladder in the background that resembles a masonic compass or pyramid.
Nice light ray action going on here.
Cage is always the bringer of Light, just like in all the national treasure posters. This is so loaded with symbolism in just 2 minutes, it must be intentional. Someone working for the Saturn cult?
UPDATE: The Copycat Effect has some interesting info about the "Lafayette" effect.


Christopher Knowles said...

Yes, March is going to be a heavy month at the cineplexes.

Good work.

Loren Coleman said...

This is well-done, supported by great visuals, and insightful. Excellent.

FYI, in conjunction with an extension of your pickup on the "Fayette Factor" in this film, you may wish to see my discussion of that angle at Knowing Knows.

I look forward to reading your further critiques after the movie opens.

ViølatoR said...

That "cross-quarter window" looks exactly like the window that Brandon Lee is thrown out of in the movie The Crow.

And what's up with these film roles Cage is in? Who is shaping his "movie aura" with these roles? Does he pick them or the studio, I mean we can't know what kind of back room deals that have been made; like he agrees to be in so many movies for the studio or whatever.

Charlotte Creamer said...

Nicholas Cage isn't actually human -- he's a robot. He doesn't get to choose his roles; he's just programmed to do them.

Hope that helps.

Thuth said...

Hey elluminati,

Note that the octagonal star - eight points - is a chaos magick star.

I think the octagon symbol people talk about in the synch sphere are not stargates, but chaos magick sigils.