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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Mars Volta..

I used that same masonic compass at top of blog :-)

I stumbled upon these just browsing ebay. The band is called "The Mars Volta". I think that means Mars in reverse/retrograde? These posters are pretty awesome, in a graphic design sense.


dedroidify said...

"you think the band has any idea what they mean?"

Yup, pretty obvious.

iAdmin said...

I guess I mean what is the band's intentions by using symbols like that. Is it just a graphic designer trying to be hardcore, or what. They used the Magic Pantacle of john dee, so that's so serious shit.

dedroidify said...

Why wouldn't you investigate such an interesting question for yourself?

So far I'm enjoying the search myself, their lyrics seem occult treasure troves at first glance.

I'm guessing this search will only be interesting if the occult isn't regarded as "pure evil" ;p as I don't know what your reality tunnel looks like.


Michael Skaggs said...

They use that Sigil from John Dee's work?? WTF? Thats Enochian Magic use right there.


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Stephanie's Photojournalism Posts said...

I personally don't know what the symbols mean but speaking as a huge Volta fan they are really into mysticism and big believers of the occult. The album The Bedlam in Goliath was inspired by the spirits they experienced while using a Ouija board from Jerusalem.

richav14 said...

The Mars Volta are describing the battle aganst Satan, the void continumm, whatever, before the the world is purifeid as bible, mayans etc have said. Cedric dont know that but he knows enough to fuckin go for it and be a big part of this creation. Maynard James keenan and the band Tool are doing the same thing. You must see that things are gettin epic out there in the world right now? Checkout Russia and China's growing strenght. Epic.

LoveLawWill said...

the mars volta is big into the occult. they have a lot of esoterica folded into their lyrics and themes, much like king crimson, led zepplin, rush, and others. their '09 album was titled octahedron, the theoretical sixth platonic solid, which is said to exist only in four dimensional geometry. these guys are definitely plugged into some gnostic sybolism. and they rock pretty hard, if you ask me.