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Friday, October 19, 2007

Zeppelin, Bees, Pan, Amanita Muscaria, and Southpark.

Hot off the heels of the Mario Galaxy sync, comes another one from Southpark.

The boys from Southpark are transported in a mythical sun Zeppelin airship to IMAGINATION LAND.

On the way there, they pass by the Dog headed god Anubis giving snarf a push down the waterslide.
There is a sacred spiral Fibonacci fountain, and healthy patch of amanita muscaria.
There is also a spiraled sun clock in the center of town.
The boys are greeted by the lovable pan.
The bee sports butterfly wings in this world!As soon as they get there, 'terrorists' blow up everything.
Stan takes shelter under a giant mushroom.
The symbolic tower is destroyed.
During the turmoil, boys escape on a flying dragon (draco) ala the movie dragonheart.
Who plays the voice of Draco in that movie?
None other than our stargate traveling, indiana jones'n, Scottish 33rd degree, 007, Sean Connery. Interesting sync here, huh?The story continues....We come to find out that our octagon symboled 'terrorists' are also trying to blow up the wall (gate) that separated 'Evil' imagination land from the good side. This would release all the most evil things ever imagined! Notice the millennium zodiac eye motif in the background.
The lines between 'imagination' and reality have been blurred, where do we go from here?


FilmNoir23 said...

A fantastical sync. That's the spirit...way to get the ball rolling

soundlessdawn said...

Just awesome man! There was just hundreds of incredible syncs in this episode. I linked your blog at my site. Even a Sean Connery reference.. Sheesh.

Adam Star said...

I'm linking in my site as well. Uncanny. Thought waves made material forms.

Kabrony Productions said...

great piece got here by soundlessdawn .

Joshua said...

Wow, I must start watching southpark again. I just cant stand those commercials on that station though.

aferrismoon said...

Float like Butterfly , Sting Like a Bee, I winder if that creature is Muhammed Ali. I notice A Blue Meanie that sticks its head out from behind something. Gosporn did a bit on them
FlyAgaric is a man eater
Am I a man dreaming that he's a butterfly dreaming it's a bee or the other way round or the other way , al of us dreamt into existence by a chrysalis.

Offramp said...

Sean Connery is not a freemason.

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