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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Masonic agency that developed the OBAMA logo.

That is the logo for "vsa partners" who designed the Obama campaign logo. It certainly is representative of the Masonic Compass "as above so below". The "S" acts as an interwoven serpent. The funny thing is, the designers' name is Sol Sender. Literally, he is the sender of the SUN/LIGHT.

Sol Sender, who led the creative development of the Obama ’08 campaign logo, has joined VSA Partners as a strategist. As principal of the design agency Sender LLC, Sender developed the design strategy and directed a team of designers that created the defining symbol of the 2008 campaign.

The Obama ’08 assignment began in late 2006, when Sender’s firm was hired by MODE, a Chicago-based motion design studio with an existing relationship with David Axelrod, the Obama campaign’s chief strategist.

Given two weeks to develop design options, Sender and two designers—Andy Keene and Amanda Gentry—produced multiple logos for consideration by the campaign, including a version of the now-famous “O” mark—a landscape in which of blue and red are united within the candidate’s last-name initial. The team’s refined Obama ‘08 logo made its official debut on February 10, 2007, when (then) Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president in Springfield, Il.

In the video below, Sender tells the story of conception and birth of the Obama ’08 logo, including the strategy behind it, developmental concepts and finalist designs for the identity not chosen by the campaign.


ZHP said...

It could be that Sol(!) has his hands in the polite, on the table manner,but it reminded me of this image of the governor of vermont
The governor is a high mason in Vermont.
Nice post!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Obama is no more than a puppet for the New World Order. The Masons have always been behind in our government. I just learned to today that there wa a Mason on the Mayflower. Yes, Christianity and Mason have been the foundation of our country from the beginning.

Dev said...

The point is not that He is 'no more than a puppet', my dear. But rather, that we are all puppets in the Great Conspiracy that is His drama and that the Illumined know this is a good thing, too. Not be quick to cry havoc and foul and let loose your dogs. rather see the O as Davinci's own O and a New World Order is quite in order as it is time for the old to depart. The world is indeed ready for change and hope. A good message, I say, even as the puppets run their allotted roles to create this and that only at His Will anyway. So, good stuff and I, for One, am happy to welcome in a new day. Thank the eldars they have designed to bring it into this way, if indeed there are eldars to be thanked, and if not, all the better, too.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I see you use the subject pronoun "He" with an upper case letter. Who are you making reference to? Unless a pronoun is the first word of a sentence the only time you need it to be upper case is when you are referring to God. Is that who you are making reference to?

lrr_vegas said...

We are all taught in grade school that the "Pilgrims" came here for "religious freedom". In fact, the "pilgrims" came here for "freedom from religion".

The founders of our nation (a majority of who are Masons belonging to the Masonic Order)came to create a nation where GOD is not part of the culture. That's why they say they will not allow any new member into their Order unless they believe in "something". Doesn't matter if it's Apollo, Dionysis, Satan, Peter Pan, Jesus, or Capt. Kangaroo. Just so long as they believe. Don't matter if it's the "one true GOD" or not.

What they didn't believe in was freedom for the black race. They preached "freedom, freedom", but didn't have any to give to those poor souls.

Bunch of f***ing hypocrites, if you ask me. Now, they rule the world.

Chi0ne1 said...

Mode = Edom backwards

Kosherbacon said...

Sol Sender sounds like a JEW ame to me. Enough said? Jews did 911 and all world wars and depressions.
ObombA bastard is a Jew sock puppet and a whoreson born in Kenya of a CIA whore whose main directive was to screw Negroes to find out Communist secrets. Barky was the result and he may never know who his daddy is unless they give DNA tests to all of the Kenyan Male population.
We are quickly approaching economic meltdown and WWIII due to Jews.
It will get to the point of cannibalism after you eat your pets.
Then Russia will hit us and you will become but dust in the wind.
You let the Jews keep living here. You have nobody to blame but yourself.

Dev said...

Well that's the point, isn't it? The capital H, The Pronoun, when we are always about 'I' anyway and him instead of Him. If we can see that the Man is in line with the Father' Will, and it all must be so absolutely anyway, then the capital H stands and it is good in either case no matter the Man or the God being referenced. And in the aforementioned was both a Man and A God and an idea to run between them called conspiracy, and an entire Group, hence a thread.

And Wow, Kosherbacon.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Your posting about the pronoun and Him and Man makes little sense.

Dev said...

So you enter this thread critiqing Him and Them, then you question my's own correct or incorrect use of pronouns, then further transfer your critique the very same, and finally escape the entire original point by doing so, which is the point of the blog. Tell me, are you consciously defecting the issue like kosherbacon, or do you simply have nothing better to do and that is really what brings you joy?

annod said...

I came across this logo and doesn't it look familiar?
Sol Sender claims originality for the Obama logo but I wonder...

4Yahshua said...

Shalom to all who love Heaven. B.O born in Kenya, Africa never became a U.S. citizen and is not our president according to the Constitution. The 28 year Bush Sr. White House, B.O., and groups like the Illuminati essentially work for the Vatican (the Beast of Revelation). The Pilgrims believed in the Bible and in fact practiced the Hebrew religion not Roman Catholic Christianity. They objected to the King James Bible because of its names of deity. They honored Yahweh and His Son Yahshua and kept the 7th Day Sabbath (Saturday). Their Thanksgiving Day was actually Succoth or Feast of Tabernacles usually in October never in November. You do not know any of this? Blame the Jesuits. Yahshua is coming soon!

al said...

A real Masonic symbol, when you really decifer it, no doubt about it!

And don't forget, no matter the interview here, and the equivocation, it was after all, business! They didn't do it for patriotism or pride of crazy obama. I wonder how many millions the man and his firm, got!

I'm glad I read the handwriting on the wall, before hand.

How soon will the luster wear off?

ottobock said...

Barakhenaton and his NWO cult of Aton. The lower Jews are being fooled too by the cult Sol Invictus(Catholic church) and their zionist British Israelite cronies. In Egyptian BA is spirit but Ba is the name of the underworld of Tum, it's where the word bottom came from. rak is ruler of or King, so Barak is ruler of or from the underworld.

2012BenDover said...

The "Rising Sun" is the new symbol for the Illuminati final stage according to Jordan Maxwell.

DC said...

If you haven't seen it yet, the video at is must viewing!

Holy Angel said...

Hi, First time commenting on a blog. Been researching Anti-masonic league of 1840's in Vt. I have become aware attuned to the reprehensible power that many are unaware of behind our business, local, state and federal governments and the world. I have over my 51 yrs. become aware of this power.

Now over one year in a divorce and a custody litigation where my husband has taken my children and everything in our marriage bit by bit from me, puzzle pieces to unanswered questions are falling into place.

I have seen corruption in the courts. Lawyers acting unethically or not at all, one after the other, 6 now each the same. Mason sitting side Judge, mason father in politics, father in law a high mason in another state died in 4/08,dieing words for my husband to join and he did. The state never looked at abuse and domestic violence in the home. Always the ball dropping.

The ability of the masonic brotherhood to surpass justice, laws and procedures have made it so, I have no legal and physical rights to our 7 & 9 yo children still Temporary but I worry with the great case I have and their professional reputations on the line what can I do? Even with a court order for me to be able to have time with our children this group has been able to carry and wield their power. They have effected 5 lawyers and now the 6th is loosing strength to fight.

The issue is the children's rights to have relationship with their mother and their emotional welfare. This is outright abuse. The State systems turn their cheek. Records and evidence have become changed and lost. The St Troopers call it Suspicious, but the local police possibly biased to some players. Serious concerns for my childrens welfare have been clouded over by falsehoods, lies and hearsay of purporting ridiculous reasons to justify their despicable actions. Major professionals and criminal hacks build their team.

Murders are inocent until proven guilty. I have no crime or act in my soul, heart or mind as well as in the law or in society. Just a loving Mother trying to protect her Children and herself from domestic violence and abuse.

$8000.00 for the new lawyer 1st 4 weeks and no motion to see my kids. Doesn't even remember the emails of facts of the motions to help right it.

What do these people do? How deep are they? Who can help that is trustworthy? Can anyone help to think of how to fight this? Does it take a movement?

Imagine my 7 & 9 year old sons have been told they are never going to see their mother again, this is true, they told me, scares s...T.....l...s!

I live a block away from my marital home.

Their only concern is that when the children did get to see me or speak to me in trust, that their lies will become reviled. This scares the power mongers, as they do not want the truth to come present. They have not even allowed my to have a parent teacher conference at school or to be able to go to the school or to volunteer. I substitute teach in other schools and am a nurse by trade. They are in the process of denying me further telephone call contact, from 7 to 5 days and they hoped for 3.

Do I go to the media? Who in the media is not of them? How can I get any Justice, here in VT?

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yi said...

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